Artist Introduction: Tom Fletcher

When I was in art school my teachers often told me my sculptures looked like toys. As time passed I began designing toys. I have been influenced by circus and theater images, but I do not always try to portray innocence or the sweet side of a child's world. I began making large paper heads after a visit to Central America, where I taught some classes in a small village for a few years. One year I taught some of the local village artist to make large paper heads and people of the village reacted strongly to the spectacle of huge paper heads floating in the air. We began calling the heads, Moons and when I returned home I made few more. Perhaps it was my way to maintain some contact with a place I developed affection for. I think the faces are imagined portraits of people I miss or at times people I know at home. Many nights, as I work late I find myself talking to these strange heads and they seem to come alive in my hands. Sometimes it is fun and at other times it is a therapy.

It is a form of therapy, I suppose, but the heads keep their secrets. They sometimes have the same effect on other people with active imaginations.